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The Louisiana Association of Clinical Social Workers (LACSW) is a voluntary association of clinical social workers whose mission is “to define, represent, promote, and protect clinical social work as a knowledge-based, client-centered profession, which provides quality mental health services to the general public.”

LACSW Work for Social Workers

  • To enhance the image of Louisiana’s licensed clinical social workers;

  • To expand the collective social and political presence of clinical social workers;

  • To strengthen and uphold the professionalism and credibility of social workers; and,

  • To educate the public about the many diverse roles that clinical social workers fill to improve mental health and direct social programs in both private and public sector schools, hospitals, outreach centers, and independent private practices.

Founded in 1985, LACSW is the only statewide organization with an elected governing board that protects the legality of clinical social work vendorship.  We employ the services of a professional lobbyist to effectively represent the legal and legislative interests of clinical social workers in Louisiana.  In addition to actively and aggressively protecting social workers' rights, we also promote legislation that recognizes clinical social workers as professional health care providers with the right to diagnose and treat clients, and to practice independently with the proper licensure. 


Read the full history of the founding and evolution of LACSW here.

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